-Self Growth and Actualization
-Substance Abuse
-Depth Psychology
-Anxiety and depression

-Stress  management
-Spiritual Matters

-Loss (Death, Divorce, Break-up, etc.)
-Life Transitions


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I am a licensed mental health therapist, professional counselor and a "mid-wife for the soul" with over twenty five years of experience in the social work fields.  I invite you to discover truths in your life.  What is authentic to you, your path and healing?  Participate in "knowing thyself" through self introspection today.  

Teens 17yo plus only

-Substance abuse

​-Sexual Orientation and LGBT issues

-Low self Esteem

​-Self Confidence and direction of self

-Spiritual & Religious confusion and exploration

-School related problems

​-College years and career exploration

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​Thursday 12-7

I am currently offering ​​​​​Online ONLY therapy sessions

Counseling from anywhere you get internet service.  Con