-Self Growth and Actualization
-Substance Abuse
-Depth Psychology
-Anxiety and depression

-Stress  management
-Spiritual Matters

-Loss (Death, Divorce, Break-up, etc.)
-Life Transitions

VSee is the first HIPAA-compliant telehealth app. Used by NASA, the Navy SEALS, and US Congress. VSee keeps patient data secure with 256-bit AES encryption.your paragraph here.


Contact Me for fees and to schedule an initial appointment

(832) 443-9892

3008 Folsom St
​​Boulder, Colorado 80304

I have two office locations 

I provide online therapy sessions through VSee.  It is safe, secure and confidential.  Counseling from anywhere you get internet service.

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Professional Mental Health Counseling, Psychotherapy, Guidance and Healing


-Substance abuse

​-Sexual Orientation and LGBT issues

-Low self Esteem

​-Self Confidence and direction of self

-Spiritual & Religious confusion and exploration

-School related problems

​-College years and career exploration

​720 Kipling St
Suite 17
Lakewood, Colorado 80215

Couples and Families

-Learn what a healthy relationship is
-Divorce and learning to live again
-Discover healthy relationship attachments
-Parenting struggles

-Adoption and foster care and blended families
-Healing from affairs and other marital problems