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I was born in 1972 as the only male within a set of triplets. I experienced the challenges and adjustments of living within and through the foster care system. At 8, my sisters and I (yes, we ended up staying together) were adopted by a brave family! The family that adopted me was heavily involved in the Mormon church. I participated in the Mormon church all the way through my church mission and into my early twenties. I eventually left the Mormon church and now attempt to live a "spiritual, but not religious" life. I have two undergraduate degrees in public speaking and psychology. Both of those came from the University of Utah. I completed a higher education degree in counseling psychology in 2006 from Pacifica Graduate Institute. I have worked professionally in mental health since 1995. I have held a LPC (a licensed professional counselor license) since 2007. I opened the doors to my private practice company TheSoulsJourney Llc in June 2012. I co-founded Rocky Mountain Counseling and Wellness Center in 2014. In 2016, I became a father at 43 years old. Somewhere in this story I managed to get married, get divorced and get remarried. I remain happily married! This is where you find me!

I have a vast background in, experience in and knowledge of mental health treatment and issues.  I help those troubled and distressed by a wide range of mental health issues and psychological problems as well as those who don't necessarily suffer from psychological distress, but are simply interested in developing and exploring their life.

​Along with being in private practice, I have worked in inpatient, outpatient, psychiatric hospital, residential and juvenile settings. I have worked with too many types of individuals, couples and families of all ages throughout the years to name. Needless to say, there is a great chance I have extensive experience with what you might be seeking help for.

I counsel with more then two decades of experience behind me. Care is taken in the selection and use of an eclectic therapeutic approach that draws upon different ideas and theories that best meet your needs and life goals. My healing approach tends to emphasize depth psychology. Depth psychology calls attention to the importance of what lies "below the surface" of conscious awareness and explores what motivates our behaviors. This simply means I invite you to address your whole life and all of its experiences in therapy.  

​As a therapist, I do not treat and address diseases/diagnoses ONLY.  I believe in and attempt to practice from the philosophy of “Treat a disease, you win, you lose.  You treat a person; I’ll guarantee you’ll win”. Discover an unconditional place in which you can develop new insights about yourself and strengthen your ability to make healthy choices. 

With all that being said, treatment is about you. YOU are the one that does the work necessary for whatever YOU are seeking in treatment.  I simply set the stage for the possibility of finding what you are looking for.


​University of Utah-BS in public speaking (1996) and Psychology(2003)

​Pacifica Graduate Institute-MA in Counseling Psychology (2006) with an empahsis in depth psychology.

As a therapist 
I will give you my experience, knowledge and guidance of mental health issues.
I will explore, teach and encourage ​your wisdom and highest self.
I will give you​ insight and demonstrate understanding in a professional and caring way.
​I will provide a sacred, unconditional and comfortable space for you to explore your life.
I will assist in being a guide through your struggles and journeys in this life. 
​I will offer psychotherapy to any one seeking counseling, therapy and possible healing. 

Rick Steele


​“I’ve been seeing Rick Steele for several months now and I’ve never felt more comfortable with a therapist before-as I do with him.  He gives wonderful feedback which has been extremely effective.   He provides a level of security, humor, trust and intellect, which makes each session relaxed and productive.  That is very difficult to find in someone you share your issues and story with.  I’m very grateful for The Souls Journey and especially for Rick!”
-Sara, Lakewood, CO

Rick really helped our marriage. Rick taught us how to talk and listen to each other.  I am very grateful for trusting Rick with our marriage in therapy.
-Bob, 37, Boulder, Co

I was nervous to go the therapy.  I chose Rick because I had been referred to him by a friend.  Rick made me feel at ease in therapy by listenind to my troubles and questions.  Rick gave me suggestions and made observations that got me to change my communication styles with my daughter.  I feel like I have someone that cares and really appreciates my struggles.  I highly recommend Rick for anyone that is seeking therapy.
-Sherri, Lakewood

​"I see Rick at the Holobeing center on Folsom and Valmont. Rick is a very caring individual, and makes me feel that he takes my issues seriously. He has helped me to see different perspectives on issues in my life, which has helped me to break out of stagnant negative thought loops. He is on time, and organized. I feel there are times where Rick can go on a bit of a tangent, and lose me every once in a while, but I relate this to his passion for what he does, and this is not my typical experience. Besides, I would much rather have a passionate therapist who puts a lot of ideas out there, than one who sits and nods the whole time. He does not push medicine, and seems to go more for making changes in ones life, and getting at the root of the problem."

​-Evan, Boulder

​"Rick is a compassionate, experienced, and competent therapist. He helped me with a transition period in my life that was very painful for me in a skillful and gentle manner. I would recommend him as a therapist. Judi. R"

​"Rick provides a safe container for open discussion of client issues. He provides a relaxed yet professional environment to allow varied counseling approaches appropriate for the client's individual needs."

​-Margie M

Employment experiences worth noting

​*I served a 2 year mission for the Mormon church in San Diego.

​*I "cut my teeth" working as a counselor at one of the largest non-profit adolescent female residential facilitites, Excelsior Youth Center, in the US.  Located in Aurora Colorado.

​*I had the great opportunity to be a therapist for the LBGTQ population for five years at Montrose Counseling Center in Houston Texas.

​*I was a co-founder of Rocky Mountain Counseling and Wellness Center in Lakewood Colorado.  For two years, I helped to facilitate many health practitioners in providing holistic health beneiftis to the surrounding communitites. 

​*I facilitated DWAI/DUI groups throughout the Denver front range for a couple of years.

​*I was both a therapist and an intake specialist for a couple of psychiatric hospitals throughout the Denver area. ​​

​*I began practicing exactly how I want to practice my craft by opening the doors to my own therapy practice in 2012.